How A Diamond Gets Cut?

By now, more than half the world’s population is familiar with what a diamond is and how tough the element really is, however very few of us actually knows how a diamond is cut and shined before its placed under a spot light at a jewelry shop. Currently there are three types of diamonds that

Going On A Long Flight? Download These Apps To Keep Your Toddler Seated

Does the sound of going on a long flight scare you? Then you probably have a toddler with you who doesn’t like to sit for too long and likes to crawl about in the entire plane. Flying with toddlers can never be easy but it can turn out to be a nightmare if you run

Meet, Share & Mingle With A Dating App

The world of dating or meeting new people has become a norm in today’s common communities and societies. We meet new people every day, whether if it’s from a website or from a peer-to-peer platform. From online websites, to chat-dating services to dating apps, the method on how we engage with people has dramatically changed

Managing Your Drivers To Optimize And Fulfill Deliveries

The best delivery app is the one that manages their drivers in the best possible manner to extract the best outcomes. In every delivery app, traditionally, the biggest challenge was to optimize resources i.e. drivers and vehicles. For this reason, a carefully designed delivery management system is used that provides drivers with an intuitive app.

The Best SEO Hacks To Use In 2018

Without an effective SEO service company, you can’t simply imagine to make a spot in the market. There are billions of websites registered on Google, divided into various categories as per their nature of product or services. If you want to rank higher then you need to please the search engines. The world of SEO

The Digitally Dependant Human

The human race has never been so involved with the digital world. We are at an all-time high. A few statistics we found on Statista: There are 2.53 billion smartphone users worldwide and this number is expected to climb to 2.87 billion by 2020. Americans use electronic media for more than 11 hours per day.

Must Have Influencer Marketing Tools

Your brand has decided to partner with influencer marketing platforms but the search for the right one has just begun. There are a number of platforms out there who offer similar services with a few different features. Which influencer marketing agency to partner with? What services are a must and should be sought in such