Going On A Long Flight? Download These Apps To Keep Your Toddler Seated

Going On A Long Flight? Download These Apps To Keep Your Toddler Seated

Does the sound of going on a long flight scare you? Then you probably have a toddler with you who doesn’t like to sit for too long and likes to crawl about in the entire plane. Flying with toddlers can never be easy but it can turn out to be a nightmare if you run short of things to do on a long flight. Children get bored easily. The key to keeping them engaged is to think of activities for them to do beforehand and never let them get bored otherwise they will crawl, shout and make your entire flight unbearable.

A parent’s best weapon against in-flight disasters is having plenty of free learning apps for toddlers to keep your little ones engaged during long flights and in the meantime, they will even learn new things. Don’t know which is the best app to keep your child glued to the seat during a long flight? Worry not, because we have done the research for you. Presented below is a list of free learning apps for toddlers that your kids will love, and you will too because it will keep your naughty child seated.

  • Bamba Airport

This is one of the most interactive games available on the app store. It begins by making the kid in charge of an airport and airplane by performing security, seating passengers, serving meals and drinks, etc. Your child will love learning about the little details of air travel and will also let them spend their time in a fun yet engaging manner.

  • Toca Builders

This app allows kids to build their own unique world where 6 toca builders help them who can jump, rotate, walk and roll alongside constructing new objects. Unlike other apps that contain pre-set objectives, Toca builders can help your kids utilize their creative side and build confidence through free play. Toca Builders is great to keep the young and energetic mind engaged during the flight.

  • Moo, Baa, La La La

This app is a hit for kids who need a distraction. Babies love the animal sounds and toddlers enjoy interacting with their touch. Kids who are learning to read can brush up their skills by touching the words.

  • Disney Story Central

With this app, your kid can read new stories about their favorite Disney characters. The app is available free of cost, but the user may be required to buy some stories.

  • Jack and the Beanstalk by Nosy Crow

Jack and the Beanstalk mixes story time and playing time to create an experience worthwhile for the child. The app works by finding the right keys to open doors in the giant’s castle, win games to unlock new aspects of the story and wake the giant to create different story endings.

With interesting and engaging apps, the time has gone when kids used to create havoc in planes and crawled the entire time. Such apps have made parent’s lives easier.