Must Have Influencer Marketing Tools

Must Have Influencer Marketing Tools

Your brand has decided to partner with influencer marketing platforms but the search for the right one has just begun. There are a number of platforms out there who offer similar services with a few different features. Which influencer marketing agency to partner with?

What services are a must and should be sought in such an agency? Read on to know everything you should be aware of.

Demographic filters

In any form of marketing, one of the first objectives straightened out is factors such as age, location, and gender of the targeted audience. Upon this information, the basis of a marketing campaign is laid out. In influencer marketing too, these objectives need to be clarified. Good influencer marketing software has tools like demographic, geographic, and niche filters that help campaigns identify only the most relevant candidates for social influencer marketing.

Large database

Influencer marketing companies with a large database are always a good sign. It is common sense after all. If more people have signed up for a platform, the chances of finding a relevant match who is complementary to your brand identity increase greatly. Many platforms offer an influencer search engine with a database containing up to 100,000 followers if not more.

It is crucial to have multiple options open when it comes to influencer marketing because finding a relevant influencer is one of the most common and recurring problems faced by companies. This Altimeter infographic jibe with what we think: 67.6% of marketers think finding relevant influencers is their greatest hurdle.

Contact info

Upon finding the perfect influencer, the next step is to contact them. Most platforms will have a listing of contact information along with names but still, it is a good idea to keep this in mind before making any permanent decisions.

Foolproof methods

Influencers do not necessarily always have organic followers. There are ways to cheat the system. In fact, even if a profile has acquired followers organically, it is not necessary they are engaged with the user. Avoid falling into any such traps, by only utilizing services that offer a solid, foolproof system. For instance, before settling on a candidate, consider this question: is the audience engaged in conversation regarding the post I the comment section?


According to this post on Delightful Communications, VP of Organic Search Operations says measuring the true influence of a person is difficult to measure. For this reason, we believe an influencer marketing platform must have some method to quantify influence. For instance, an engagement ratio measure could help brands select candidates with the most potential. Similarly, a CPM metric could help measure costs of reaching a specific amount of followers. These efficiency measures are important – if you have data, you can analyze it and work on the method bringing greatest ROI.