Picking the right type of earrings for your wedding day

Picking the right type of earrings for your wedding day

It’s your wedding day, you are the boss here. However, we do have some tidbits of information on the best type of earrings for you that will help you greatly in preparation for the big day. We all are aware of the bride-zilla stereotype – let us help you with our years of experience and relieve some of that stress.

Deep back & deep V necklines

These types of necklines are meant to accentuate your gorgeous collarbone and back. Such a low neckline is meant to be sauntered and not covered up. Don’t feel obligated to wear necklaces or earrings with such necklines, although we do have some mouthwatering ideas for you. If you do decide to add earrings to your dress, go for something that makes a statement and compliments your gorgeous neckline. Some of the most popular choices are long pearl earrings, daisy long drop earrings, or a pair of cluster earrings. Feeling a bit adventurous? Pop on a pair of Chocolate Diamond® earrings for a unique look.

Illusion neckline

These necklines are made up of sheer material such as lace and lace appliques. The idea is to emphasize on femininity and delicate sophistication with the lace. Just like in deep necklines, illusion necklines are also meant to draw attention to your delicate curves, and collarbones but through lace tattoos. These necklines often cover the larger part of the shoulders and don’t expose much skin. If you have such a neckline, keep your jewelry to a minimum, with focus on a pair of delicate drop earrings. No need to overdo it with lots of designing.

Off-shoulder & cold shoulder necklines

These necklines are not very deep but do expose the shoulders. The cap of the sleeve is off the shoulder, exposing it. Often, as in cold shoulders, a slit in the sleeve may be present to expose the shoulder.

This is a very elegant style that has gotten popular over the years. Since there isn’t much area present as compared to deep shoulders, it is advisable to keep your jewelry to a minimum. Avoid wearing anything on the neck; if you really want to, keep it to a minimum. Perhaps something along the lines of a delicate diamond necklace. For the earrings too, we recommend sticking to small studs.

High necklines

The necklines cover the neck and the collarbone. With only little to no space exposed, necklaces are always a big no. If there is a lot of designing on the neckline, we would recommend you to wear only the most minimalistic type of earring – if at all. With this neckline, you can ditch the earrings entirely if you wish.

Sweetheart necklines

These are perhaps one of the most favorite types of necklines found in bridal dresses and for good reason too. Their versatility allows brides to wear necklaces, earrings, headpieces, and make last-minute changes as well. As long as you don’t fill up with too much, you should be good to go with any complimentary pair of earrings.


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