The Best SEO Hacks To Use In 2018

The Best SEO Hacks To Use In 2018

Without an effective SEO service company, you can’t simply imagine to make a spot in the market. There are billions of websites registered on Google, divided into various categories as per their nature of product or services. If you want to rank higher then you need to please the search engines. The world of SEO is moving faster than you can even imagine. A smart SEO expert knows how to please the search engine to rank higher. No matter if you aren’t an experienced SEO specialist, in this article we will provide you with the best SEO hacks to climb the top of Google.

“Google My Business Listing” should be optimized

You only need to make sure that your “Google my business” list is well optimized and you are on your way to smart SEO strategy. This is undoubtedly one of the simplest SEO hacks on our list.

Here is what you need to do to make sure that Google my business listing is optimized:

Don’t forget to claim your listing

Verify your account straightaway

Make sure to update the details of your business

Fill the listing with high-quality visuals

Must provide a link to your website, it is preferred to make a UTM tag.

Work on your page loading speed

What was the last time you waited a while to let a webpage load? What did you do? Did you wait for it or moved to another web? You definitely had moved to another site. This is what exactly most of the users do!

If a website takes longer than three seconds to load, 45% of users will click away. And the worst part is SERP, the search engine result page won’t even feature you. So always make sure that your website has quick loading time. For any digital marketing agency It’s good to take care of the following:

Improve the server time

Reduce the number of redirects on your page

Make sure to optimize images

Cache the browsing

You need to minimize coding

Make your website Mobile-friendly

The smartphones have made the access to internet easier and smoother. Because of this fact, Google loves and prioritize sites that are focused on Mobile-Friendly Websites designs.

Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP, provides you a guideline as to making a perfect mobile-friendly site. It also helps the SEO experts to enable the pages load faster and work best for smartphones and other devices.

You can also test the usability of your site through many online resources. Make sure to conduct your research and find out one to ensure your website is ready.

Structured data markup is key

SEO and SEM are very technical processes and need proper attention and utmost dedication. A SEO company or expert must opt for structured data markup to improve the ranking of a website. Since your Google My Business takes most of the responsibilities, you will still need to use structured data markup.

For Google pages, you may use “Schema for Google.” And for social media structured data markup, you can rely on Open Graph. Every SEO agency knows where to find the keywords from. A simple search on Google search will land you plenty of options to center your content around.